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  • Relationship Coaching

    What is Relationship Coaching?

    The American conception of romantic relationships is that love is enough for happiness, marriage, and success. Social media, Hollywood films, and fairytales tell us love is enough. Unfortunately, loving someone is not adequate for a satisfying relationship. The truth is that relationships are built on compatibility, shared values, commitment, loyalty, trust, compromise, and understanding.

    Most relationships need help with effective communication and conflict management. Our American culture tells us that love should be easy breezy; if it is not, it must not be ‘the one.’ Conversely, a relationship coach can provide psychoeducation, information, and skill sets for successful long-term relationships.  Everyone needs help learning how to be good at what they care about. Learning practices help overcome challenging behavior patterns and repair attachment ruptures that shattered trust to rebuild the relationship.

    If you want to have an amazing relationship and emotional intimacy, explore what helps you feel most loved, seen, and supported, and have sexual pleasure, a relationship coach can help guide you in the right direction on your journey to a loving connection. A relationship coach helps couples and individuals learn how to make relationships flourish and thrive. Most couples experience personality differences, communication problems, and conflict management issues and are at a loss in managing these problems effectively. Couples can achieve a satisfying relationship by learning tools to become better partners, having good communication and conflict-resolution skills, and establishing a healthy relationship.

    How Does Relationship Coaching Work?

    The Gottman Method relationship coaching model supports a healthy relationship, leading to growth and transformation and enhancing the well-being of your relationship. Your relationship coaching plan is based on research studies and theoretical concepts, your objectives and goals, and an individualized plan to support the change process and help you navigate your relationship issues. My approach consists of comprehensive assessments to address effective communication, conflict management skills, deeper emotional intimacy and pleasure, recovery of ruptures, and rebuilding bridges for commitment, compassion, and trust for your journey.

    What Are the Benefits of a Relationship Coach?

    It begins with exploring your relationship’s challenges, strengths, and goals as a couple. Your relationship coach will observe your communication patterns and provide interventions that address these problematic areas. Your coach will offer ways of healthy communication instead of criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling. These may consist of learning relationship tools to establish a safe space for trust and vulnerability and speaking from your experiences with clarity, compassion, and understanding instead of blaming your partner. The main benefit of a relationship coach is the valuable feedback provided during your assessments and interventions in offering perspectives on how your partner perceives you, bridging the gap of clarification of misunderstandings, and offering alternative ways of communicating and behaving to establish close relationships. A relationship coach provides the support a couple requires for a loving connection to move forward positively.

    What Are the Expectations of Relationship Coaching?

    A relationship coach provides exploration and learning of the following:

    • Discussion about your challenges openly
    • Practice authenticity and vulnerability
    • Increasing compassion and empathy
    • Learn effective communication
    • Effective conflict management skills
    • Supporting you with disappointments
    • Understanding attachment styles and closeness
    • Improve sexual intimacy and pleasure
    • Teach boundaries and consent
    • Identifying and clarification of needs and desires
    • Deepen affection and emotional connection
    • Build rituals of connection
    • Support parenting challenges

    You deserve a fulfilling, satisfying, committed, and loving relationship built on affection, trust, and emotional and sexual intimacy. Let’s connect for you to start living your best life.