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  • Sex Therapy

    As an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, I support individuals and couples with healing and post-traumatic growth, blockages, overcoming intimacy issues and sexual dysfunctions, and understanding your sexual wants, needs, and desires. A sex therapist can provide a compassionate and sex-positive approach utilizing research evidence-based sex therapeutic interventions that address psychological factors that impact various sexual concerns. Sex therapy can support you in authentically communicating with your partner, core beliefs of sexual issues, complex trauma, anxiety, and self-confidence to provide meaningful and satisfying sexual intimacy.

    Sexual Challenges

    • Living in a sexless relationship or marriage.
    • Feeling unsatisfied with your sexual intimacy.
    • Previous trauma negatively impacted my sex life.
    • Experiencing painful intercourse.
    • Challenges with sexual arousal, desire, and orgasm.
    • Avoidance of sexual intimacy with your partner.
    • Relieved that your partner is tired of having sex.
    • Feeling taken for granted and rejected by your partner.
    • Experiencing erectile dysfunction.
    • My partner does not understand my sexual desires and erotic fantasies.

    Intimacy & Sex Therapy Goals

    • Increasing your pleasure, intimacy, and connection with your partner
    • Learning to talk about sex and individual desire with your partner
    • Resolving conflicts and disappointments in your relationship that may contribute to sexual problems
    • Developing a greater understanding of your sexual style, tastes, and preferences
    • Creating realistic expectations about sex, body image, and self-talk
    • Understanding the impact of past experiences on your current behavior/ideas    about sex
    • Using specific techniques to overcome problems such as painful intercourse or performance anxiety

    Intimacy & Sexual Health Concerns

    • Arousal and Orgasm Challenges
    • Mismatched Desire Discrepancy
    • Exploring LGBTQI+ Issues
    • Female Sexual Health
    • Fertility & Infertility (IVF)
    • Infidelity Recovery Intimacy
    • Inhibited Sexual Desire
    • Intimacy & Sexuality
    • Kink & Fetishes
    • Low Sexual Desire
    • Male Sexual Health
    • Open Relationships
    • Pain During Sex (Vaginismus, Dyspareunia)
    • Polyamory/Alternative Lifestyles
    • Premature Ejaculation
    • Sex After Pregnancy
    • Sex After Medical Illnesses
    • Sexual Trauma

    I am an American Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist, Couple Relationship Specialist, and Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional that provides a compassionate, inclusive, and non-judgmental environment to identify issues and work through sexual challenges that are impacting your emotions, experiences, and concerns and improve your sexual pleasure and relationship satisfaction. Sex therapy supports individuals and couples to obtain an understanding of sexual intimacy, insight, and growth for a healthy sexual connection that is meaningful.

    My approach is a sex-positive, open-minded, inclusive, non-shaming, and non-judgmental approach to support your intimacy and sexuality in heterosexual, LGBTQIA+, and alternative relationships, polyamorous lifestyles, and consensual non-monogamy. I work with individuals and couples utilizing the PLISSIT Model who have problems with their sexual functioning or are unsatisfied with the quality or frequency of sexual activity.

    The P-LI-SS-IT Model

    Permission (P): I establish a safe space and permission for clients to discuss their sexuality concerns, providing validation of the importance of sexuality as a human being.

    Limited Information (LI): I focus on individual sexual concerns and provide psychoeducation to change myths and misinformation regarding sexuality.

    Specific Suggestions (SS): I provide a comprehensive analysis and assessments of the sexual history and define concerns. I will give information about the subject matter and a treatment plan with goals to help you feel better.

    Intensive Therapy (IT): I deliver an individualized and specialized treatment plan that considers mental health issues that may impact you, including anxiety, depression, alcohol and substance use, obsessive-compulsivity, and personality disorders.

    Note: As with any psychotherapy, sex therapy never includes exams, nudity, or sex with the therapist, and there is never physical touching, disrobing, or sexual activity.