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  • Alternative Lifestyles, Polyamory & Kink

    As an ASSECT Certified Sex Therapist, I support individuals and couples with the exploration of alternative lifestyles, kinks, and ethical non-monogamy. 

    Are you searching for a sex-positive, open-minded, inclusive, non-shaming, non-judgmental therapist to support your sexual explorations and discovery?

    Are you seeking support to explore a mutual, consensual, non-monogamous relationship?

    Are you feeling isolated, confused, judged, and alone in your poly relationship?

    Are you bored with vanilla sex and curious about exploring BDSM and kink in your relationship?

    Sex Therapy

    I provide a sex-positive, open-minded, inclusive, non-shaming, and non-judgmental approach to support your intimacy and sexuality in alternative relationships, polyamorous lifestyles, consensual non-monogamy, sex worker challenges, and exploration of BDSM and kink-friendly. I provide the foundation and guidance to support your sexual goals while offering acceptance, compassion, dignity, and respect regarding your non-normative lifestyle.

    I want to empower you to increase your self-worth and self-confidence in finding your voice to express and navigate challenging conversations and dialogues to communicate your desires in your relationship with your partner. If you want to explore an open, non-monogamous relationship, want excitement with BDSM, kink, fetishes, or respect being a sex worker.

    As a sex therapist, I have completed the science-based AASECT Comprehensive Sexology Program, fulfilling the entire educational requirement for certification in sex and relationship therapy. I utilize affirming sex-positive therapy, active listening, and comprehensive assessments to promote the understanding of human sexuality and relationship meaning and satisfaction.

    The P-LI-SS-IT Model

    Permission (P): I establish a safe space and permission for clients to discuss their sexuality concerns, providing validation of the importance of sexuality as a human being.

    Limited Information (LI): I focus on individual sexual concerns and provide psychoeducation to change myths and misinformation regarding sexuality.

    Specific Suggestions (SS): I comprehensively analyze and assess the sexual history and define concerns. I provide information about the subject matter and a treatment plan with goals that address your worries.

    Intensive Therapy (IT): I deliver an individualized and specialized treatment plan that considers mental health issues that may be impacting you, including anxiety, depression, alcohol and substance use, obsessive-compulsivity, and personality disorders.

    I am happy to support you on your path and journey to healthy, meaningful, and satisfying sexuality. Please feel free to contact me today for a Free 20 Minute Video Consultation to discuss your concerns and answer questions that you may have regarding your sexuality and relationships.


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