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  • Leadership Circle Profile Coaching

    I am dedicated and committed to providing best practices and high-quality coaching for individual development and leadership, providing a positive influence within our families, communities, and globally. These coaching models are research studies, theoretical concepts, the change process, and evidence-based practice that empower and support you in navigating complex transitions in your professional career and personal life stages while balancing the demands of an exceptional work-life balance. My approach consists of comprehensive assessments and analysis implementing these core models to identify your core beliefs, values, and purpose, explore life ambitions, dreams, and goals, manage complex transitional changes, establish bridges to the next life chapter, and create a developmental coaching plan to support your objectives for your journey.

    What Is Leadership Circle Profile 360’ Coaching?

    I am a Certified Leadership Circle Profile 360’ Coach, Leadership Profile Circle; Hudson Institute of Coaching, Life Forward, Santa Barbara (ICF); and Leadership Coaching Certificate, University of San Diego, world-renowned accreditation by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) advances the consciousness of leadership based on a global Universal Model of Leadership foundational to organizations providing extraordinary leadership development. It is transformational in opening new insights, leadership development, learning, and technology-driven data that effectively change your leadership effectiveness, understand behavioral patterns, discover your strengths, and exponentially grow your business. The Universal Model of Leadership is based on adult development and leadership, built on research studies with reliability and validity through statistical analysis.

    Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessments are the gold standard recognized and trusted by the most influential global organizations in coaching, empowering leaders with comprehension and awareness of their strengths and growth areas in dysregulation, and establishing a calm, decisive, and thoughtful approach to pursuing professional objectives.

    How Does Leadership Coaching Work?

    The Leadership Circle Profile provides a 360° leadership assessment for challenges of transformational change, providing one-on-one executive coaching to high-ranking organizational leaders. The Universal Model of Leadership identifies core beliefs, interactional behavioral patterns, assumptions, and perceptions of your worldviews. Leadership coaching development establishes excellence in becoming a well-rounded and respected leader and helps you create leadership development goals, leadership style, and presence to support your accomplishment and success.

    What are the Benefits of Leadership Circle Coaching?

    Leadership Circle Coaching creates consciousness and mindfulness, challenges rigid thinking, inspires creativity and imagination, enhances competency and expertise, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and establishes self-confidence and self-assurance. Leadership Circle Coaching provides the information, direction, and guidance to become the best version of yourself, influencing your personal life and executive leadership. Leadership coaching benefits include the following:

    Leadership Executive Presence

    Leadership executive presence is felt when a leader walks into a room, provides a presentation, and holds meetings with colleagues. These leaders provide a vision, inspiration, conviction, strength, and grace in their teams and how they present themselves to others in their leadership styles, communication, body language, self-confidence, and competence.

    Leadership Self-Awareness

    Self-awareness is extremely valuable in navigating being on the dance floor and the balcony to obtain a global perspective. Self-awareness involves being conscious of your thoughts, emotions, interactions, and behaviors while being conscious of how others perceive you and the situation.

    Leadership Growth Mindset

    A growth mindset is an anticipation that provides creativity in global perspectives, leadership goals, diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence, knowledge, talents, and competencies that can be improved by being open to learning new information and practicing in meeting objectives and goals.

    Leadership Effective Listening

    A leadership coach supports individuals in organizational leadership positions to understand where they may fall short and need improvement when actively listening to their colleagues and team. It identifies communication obstacles and barriers to active listening in their organization while encouraging effective reflective listening, openness, and validation of others’ concerns.

    Leadership Emotional Self-Regulation

    Research studies have demonstrated that emotional regulation is foundational to satisfaction, empowerment, and a sense of belonging and inclusion within their team. Being a leader who can manage their emotions and thoughts while responding thoughtfully and providing a safe space for their team to address difficult conversations provides openness, positivity, exchange of brainstorming ideas, safety in expressing their concerns, and a healthy work environment.

    Leadership Communication

    Communication involves body language, speech, tone of voice, and self-awareness; whether leading executive teams or having a one-to-one meeting, observing and reviewing how leaders communicate with their colleagues and teams can establish collaboration and stronger teams in their organization.

    Leadership Compassion and Empathy

    Leadership coaching supports leaders in the development of compassion and understanding, identification of problematic issues, responsiveness to their colleagues and their team, and establishment of a safe space that is a stable and supportive work environment.